Just click - and play! poker datamining service

Usage with Holdem Manager 1

Preparing for the first use
  1. If you do not have Hold`em Manager1 installed, download it from holdemmanager.com (version 1.12.01 or higher) and install it
  2. Start Hold`em Manager
  3. Important! All "auto import" folders must be initially empty before you start (see Rules and restrictions, point 3). Delete or move all files out of these folders
  4. Go to IMPORT page, click [click here to add auto import folders]. For each item in the "auto import" list, click Edit and remove "Disable Archiving" tick and set archive folder
  5. From the top menu of Hold`em Manager run "Options->Settings". Go to "Miscellaneous" page. Set "Archive hand history files order than [ ] minutes" to 3 minutes
  6. From the top menu of Hold`em Manager run "Options -> Database Management"
  7. Fill in the form with access data, you have received via e-mail (fields "Login Name" and "Password" - the username and password AS IN OUR WEBSITE)
  8. Press "Connect" button
  9. Choose "HHBASE" from the list and press "Set as Default"
  10. Press "Start Hold`em Manager" and wait for a while (10-60 seconds) until Hold`em Manager connect to the database. Sometimes it can be 3 minutes. After connection to the base all you requests will be fast like in you local database
Next uses
  1. Just start Hold`em Manager – "Just click - and play"!